ZAP Program

The focus of the program is on-time work completion by all OVMS students.

  • The purpose of ZAP is to prevent students from having failing grades due to zeros and to insure their practice and mastery of essential academic skills.
  • Any student who has not handed in an assignment by the due date assigned in class will attend ZAP after-school.
  • Students are required to attend ZAP regardless of whether they have turned in late work before Wednesday.
  • ZAP is held from 3:00-4:15 p.m., and students eligible for bus service may take the activity bus home.
  • The work made up in ZAP will be given up to 80% credit.
  • Any student who fails to attend ZAP will receive a referral and attend lunch detention Thursday and Friday of that school week.

Our goal is to teach students the value of practicing essential skills and successfully meeting external deadlines. We appreciate the support you provide your child at home and welcome any questions you may have.